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Big Data Dictionary

InfoSphere BigInsights

IBM InfoSphere BigInsights is a platform for the analysis and visualization of Internet-scale data volumes. BigInsights is powered by Hadoop and is designed to help IT professionals quickly get started with big data analytics using Hadoop. It facilitates the installation, integration, and monitoring of this open source technology.  In addition to Hadoop, other open source technologies in BigInsights (all of which, with the exception of Jaql, are Apache Software Foundation projects) are: Pig, Hive, Jaql, HBase, Flume, Lucene, Avro, Zookeeper, Oozie). 

In addition, the BigInsights distribution includes the following IBM-specific technologies:

  • BigSheets:A browser-based spreadsheet-like discovery and exploration interface that enables business users to gather and analyze data easily and harness the power of Hadoop. It provides built-in readers that can work with data in several common formats, including JSON, comma-separated value (CSV), and tab-separated value (TSV).
  • Text analytics:A pre-built library of text annotators for common business entities. It provides rich language and tooling for building custom location annotators.
  • Adaptive MapReduce:An IBM Research solution for speeding up the execution of small MapReduce jobs by changing how MapReduce tasks are handled.

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