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Big Data Dictionary


Voldemort is an open source clone of Amazons Dynamo database created by LinkedIn. It supports has a classic three-operation key/value interface, but with a sophisticated backend architecture to handle running on large distributed clusters. It uses consistent hashing to allow fast lookups of the storage locations for particular keys, and it has versioning control to handle inconsistent values. A read operation may actually return multiple values for a given key if they were written by di erent clients at nearly the same time. Similar to Voldemort, Riak was inspired by Amazon's Dynamo database, and it o ers a key/ value interface and is designed to run on large distributed clusters. It also uses consistent hashing and a gossip protocol to avoid the need for the kind of centralized index server that BigTable requires, along with versioning to handle update con icts. Querying is handled using MapReduce functions written in either Erlang or JavaScript.

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