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Choosing a JavaScript Framework


There are a few resources I want to share that didn’t have much of a fit in the book chapters. They're very useful if you want to look into comparing frameworks.


A book about choosing and evaluating JavaScript frameworks would be woefully incomplete if it didn’t mention ToDoMVC. ToDoMVC lets you peek inside the implementation of a simple ToDo app with several frameworks and libraries, and the code is generally all on GitHub for your perusal.

Note that ToDoMVC is under the umbrella of the TasteJS project, also worth checking out, as they also work on PropertyCross, like ToDoMVC for cross-platform mobile frameworks.

Ostio Apps https://github.com/paulmillr/ostio-apps

If you wished there were some more complicated examples of app implementations in different frameworks when you checked out ToDoMVC, Ostio could be one to watch. The first implementation is in Chaplin/Backbone, with the author planning to add Ember and Angular eventually (or contribute if you’re interested in furthering the project).

TechEmpower Benchmarks: http://www.techempower.com/benchmarks/

Every few months, TechEmpower runs performance benchmarks for many frameworks. Unfortunately, the TechEmpower benchmarks aren’t as relevant to the JavaScript world, but provide an interesting reference for server-side benchmarking, and hopefully some possibilities for benchmarking frameworks on the front-end, as there aren’t currently any out there (yet).

Wharton DevTAP

UPenn’s Wharton Computing is working on an evaluation framework; much like you see in this book, but hopefully more thorough and more customizable for a specific group’s needs. Expect more from them later in 2014.

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