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Developing an Ember.js Edge special code


This book will take the reader with an interest in Ember.js, from novice to application author. To start, we’ll cover the current state of client-side web development, the history and evolution of Ember, and the projects and challenges that have informed its design. Then we’ll dig deep into Ember’s constituent component libraries, demonstrating how they operate alone and in the context of an application. In part two of the book, we’ll take the reader through the process of writing a complete application in Ember.

Who is this book for?

The target audience ranges from beginners in client-side web development, to experienced users of equivalent frameworks wanting to learn about Ember.

No specialist or expert knowledge is required, but before you start Developing an Ember.js Edge, experience with the following is expected:

  • HTML5
  • JavaScript & jQuery
  • Git & the command line


You don't need special tools or software to follow this book and start developing with Ember. A text editor and modern web browser will do nicely.

The latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is recommended, as the developer tools for these browsers are constantly improving.

Why this book?

Developing an Ember.js Edge is authored by a group of programmers from around the world who have been building apps with Ember for the last two years. We all use Ember to build real production apps and we’ve watched and contributed as the framework has grown in maturity and stability. One of the most rewarding aspects of working with Ember is how much influence the community has over its direction and APIs. To use Ember is to be involved in its evolution. We have all, to varying degrees, played our part.

This book attempts to approach learning Ember both holistically, understanding the framework as a whole, and practically, learning by building.

Who Wrote this book?

Matthew Beale
Consultant and Web Developer in NYC

Bradley Priest
CTO and Co-founder at TradeGecko

Christopher Sansone
Chief Software Architect at Iasta

Jamie White
Software Engineer at With Associates

Wesley Workman
Software Engineer at Batterii

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