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Beginning iOS Development


iOS applications are built using frameworks. Frameworks are bundles of libraries, header files, and other resources such as images and sounds. There are two essential frameworks. The Foundation framework is not uniquely iOS. It is a collection of common objects such as strings (NSString), numbers (NSNumber), dates (NSDate), and collections (NSArray, NSSet, and so on) that are useful regardless of platform. The second essential framework is UIKit, also known as Cocoa Touch. It is the user interface framework for all iOS applications.

In addition to introducing frameworks, this section of the Tutorial completes the basic lessons on Objective-C by showing the Foundation framework in use. Foundation objects are present in all nontrivial iOS applications, and it is important that you see how they are used in Objective-C. Once again, be on the lookout for specific callouts to iOS 6 improvements that may make your life as a developer easier and more productive.

The UIKit and other frameworks are presented in various sample applications and sections through all three Tutorials.



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