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Beginning iOS Development

Getting Started

As with any other new development effort, you need to complete a number of preliminary tasks before any actual work begins. First, you need to obtain and installXcode, the iOS integrated development environment (IDE). After installing Xcode, you must provision it with the appropriate certificates to run your applications on an actual iOS device instead of being limited to the simulator. You also need to know how to use the source code repository, integrate with the continuous build system, write unit tests, and generally follow good practice, and in the case of a team, be a good citizen in your shared development environment.

If you work in a team, most, if not all, of these steps will have already been handled (especially obtaining the certificate and provisioning, establishing shared resources such as the source code repository and the build system, and setting the policies and procedures for automated testing). If you work alone, or are responsible for creating the environment for the team, you should read Turner and Harrington for detailed instructions on installing Xcode and provisioning your devices.

  • Learning iPad Programming Second Edition, by Turner, Addison-Wesley Professional


Establishing shared resources (such as automated testing policies), source code repositories, and continuous build systems are beyond the scope of these guidelines. However, you can find many excellent books and videos on these subjects available on Safari.

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