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Developing a Clojure Edge


This book is a guide to learning Clojure.  It is for programmers who are searching for a better way of writing computer programs.  I move fast through the features of the language so as to provide the minimum necessary to understand the content.  Clojure is a simple yet challenging language which requires thinking, patience and a willingness to see concepts from a different point of view to fully appreciate.  I encourage you to embrace the new point of view, and promise to provide compelling code examples which illustrate the advantages to the Clojure way of coding.

This book is aimed at people who have some programming background and want to follow a succinct guide to programming the Clojure way.

Where to get the code


This book uses

Leiningen http://leiningen.org/

LightTable http://www.lighttable.com/

Feel free to follow along with your prefered environment/editor if you are confident with them, otherwise I highly recommend the above for use in following the examples and exercises.

If you would prefer to use another editor, you may find this information helpful:


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