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Intermediate iOS Development


Networking is a fairly broad topic. Fortunately, the sections on web applications and services address many of our connectivity needs. Where you go from here is largely a matter of how deeply you need to dig. If you’re looking for a fairly simple high-level exchange of data, possibly on a file basis, you might consider The iOS 5 Developer’s Cookbook. Along the way, you will pick up some helpful techniques to check your network status, check site availability, upload, download, and use (because you can never get enough of these subjects) XML and JSON.


If you really want to work on the socket level, however, you need to look at the CFNetwork APIs in the Core Foundation. The BSD (POSIX) networking APIs are available in iOS, but their use is discouraged because they can interfere with certain iOS features such as VPN On Demand. Zdziarski offers a bare-bones Joke Server, plus examples using CFHTTP and CFFTP APIs. Mark and LaMarche make use of Bonjour to ease the network configuration of an online Tic-Tac-Toe game that is implemented in the chapter.



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