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Intermediate iOS Development

Sample Applications

The first decision you face when beginning any new iOS application is whether it is a single-view or a multiple-view application. Up until now, the tutorials have not drawn much attention to this. Most of the applications you have created before now have had other things to teach, and their interfaces have been simple single views.

The Beginning iOS Development: A Safari Tutorial’s “Sample Applications” section ended with a multiple-view application. The Intermediate tutorial picks up from there. There are several varieties of multiple-view applications: tab bar, navigation based, utility, and custom. This section gives you an opportunity to build one of each, beginning with the custom multiple-view application. The custom app is a great place to start. Instead of relying on any of the multiple view controllers provided by Apple, you will create a custom view controller and build the structure of a multiple-view application from the ground up.

The remaining applications rely on one of the multiple view controllers provided by Apple. The last example offers a bit of a twist. Instead of building a traditional utility application like the Stocks app, you integrate your app into the Settings application. Although not every application needs the ability to set preferences, many do, and handling the task within the Settings application can give your app a bit of polish. Note that the navigation-based example assumes you have already completed the section on persistent data and table views.


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