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Intermediate iOS Development

Persistent Data and Table Views

Persistent data takes many forms in iOS. Four of the most common ways of persisting data are property lists, object archives (aka serialized objects in Java), SQLite3, and Core Data. Of course, reading and writing data is one thing; displaying it is quite another. Tables are the primary method used to display persisted data. The following links present examples of the most common forms of persisting data and several variations of table views used to display the data.


The iOS 5 Developer’s Cookbook provides extended example using Core Data. It includes the use of a table view with search, edit, and undo/redo capabilities. TheAdvanced iOS Development: A Safari Tutorial contains an entire section on Core Data, which Apple increasingly portrays as the preferred way to implement the model portion of the MVC.

  • 9780133120844: The iOS 6 Developer’s Cookbook: Fourth Edition, by Erica Sadun, Addison-Wesley Professional
    • Chapter 12, “A Taste of Core Data”


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