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Developing a D3.js Edge

13. Conclusion

We began this book with a quick look at a standard approach to writing a D3 chart. If you've reached this far in the book, and you've read it all, nicely done! Hopefully we've opened your eyes to a much more sustainable and reusable method to using D3.js, and how powerful D3.js applications can be.

We had a number of intentions in mind when writing this book:

  • Give greater understanding to some of the core patterns that lie at the very heart of D3.js.
  • Provide documentation and examples of how D3.js code could be written in a more reusable and sharable fashion.
  • Encourage you, the reader, to do this yourself, whenever you write D3.js code.
  • Help those keen to move on from a basic level of D3.js to a more intermediate-advanced level of understanding.
We very much hope that we've achieved them!

Where to download the code listed in this book 

As mentioned in the Introduction, you can get all the source code, data files, etc. on github:
https://github.com/backstopmedia/D3Edge. You can either download the latest version of all the files in a ZIP archive at the URL below or use git to fetch the repository: https://github.com/backstopmedia/D3Edge/archive/master.zip.

Useful Sources of Information:

Where You Can Find Us

Christophe Viau: https://twitter.com/d3visualization

Roland Dunn: https://twitter.com/roland_dunn

Andy Thornton: https://twitter.com/graftdata

Ger Hobbelt: https://twitter.com/Ger_Hobbelt
(though I very much prefer email: ger@hobbelt.com)

Troy Mott: http://bleedingedgepress.com  - troy@backstopmedia.com

Of course you can also find us at the D3 mailing list. Though if you have a question about the book or issues with the provided sourcecode you may also file an 'issue' at the book's github site here: https://github.com/backstopmedia/D3Edge/issues.

We all very much hope you've found the book useful, and look forward to seeing how you build and use D3 in the future!


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